Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Genetic Lottery (#1 EGALIA)

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Book Description:
The children of the Alpha5, the top 5 conglomerates in Egalia, find themselves up for public scrutiny when the news of their genetically selected origins is leaked to the public. Impossibly good looking, intelligent and heirs to the biggest fortunes in Egalia, the secret of their births has caused intense backlash. Not only do the public loathe them, they represent a betrayal of The Genetic Lottery, the system that forms the backbone of Egalian society. The Genetic Lottery promises every couple a child, free from all markers of genetic disease, but the Alpha5 children have far exceeded those parameters. Luckily, a revolutionary leader emerges, promising to tilt back the playing field with his cutting-edge technology, the Infinity Chip. Alex Etak promises to soothe the public furore and take down the genetically superior species by equipping the masses but does he have a separate agenda himself?

Hope you enjoy it!

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